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About the “Second chance”
Portada | Ricardo Pablo
29 de febrero de 2016 - 10:27 am
“ A second chance does not mean anything, if you have not learned form your first mistake” Unknown

Personally I believe that everybody deserves a second chance, we all make mistakes and it is just human to recognise them and ask forgiveness, however I also believe that this so called “second chance” must be earned.

It depends on the size of the mistake but I think that before asking for forgiveness we must find out the real cause or the root of the problem; for example if you offended someone, you need to think of why did you do that and if it is fixable. If you lie and you feel bad about it you must confront your fears and truly be sorry about it, because otherwise you are just pretending, you are being fake and having crocodile tears´.

I want to be more specific on this matter, and it that recently I have been witness of something very odd and personally I don´t know what is my position about it, let me be more clear.

I have this friend that was married long time ago, and she kept seeing his ex husband as a friend, they even go to the cinema, for drinks or to karaokes; and I don´t understand why or how does she do it? I simply cannot, once I have ended things with someone I never see them again (on purpose) maybe I ran into them on a Starbucks or in a bar, and I know that usually when it happens I just say “hello! how have you been? – It was nice seeing you, ciao” and that´s it, and right away I call my friend for chit chatting, we discuss how much weight they have gained, or if
they are with someone, or if they´re still pretty or funny.

I think it depends on each person, there must be people that do as I do, and there must be some others that do differently, and it is valid, it just how this world works right?

I don´t know if there will be one day that I love o care someone that much, that in fact I can give a second chance. So I cannot say that I will never do it, but I guess that right now, I have not met someone worthy of a second chance. The other day I was listening to Martha Debayle and she was talking about forgiveness and she said that what some people call “unforgivable” maybe it was “forgivable” for some others and I believe she is right. For example crimes against humanity are really unforgivable, but for example “cheating” maybe it is forgivable for some couples; and for others (as me) it is unforgivable and it will mean the ending of a relationship regardless the causes or reasons.

Anyway, It doesn´t matter which side you are (republican or democrat in relationships) the main goal of this essay is that if you are truly sorry about what you did, you must be willing to sacrifice your ego, and be willing to learn and to change your behaviour, you have to be able to let go your old habits and practice new ones, to embrace a new version of you and here is a tip, never expect that things will be the same, because the person you hurt has changed and she or he will be a new one, probably they won´t have heart-feelings, but they will expect so much more of you than the first time. It will not be easy but I guess that you know that and you believe that you significant other is worth the pain.

It has been said that the firs time you get hurt it is his/her fault, the second one it is yours but a third one you have become a VIP customer. Some mistakes are forgivable some are not, a few people deserve second chances; please be wise enough to know the difference between
loneliness, hunger of love and true love.

Do nothing you are not comfortably enough with, but also take a chance you may surprise.

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